Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many works can fit on one CD?

A: Each piece in the catalog has an associated "length" (either 25%, 50% or 100%). This "length" represents the amount of space the work fills on one CD. You can order a CD with one "100%" work, two "50%" works, four "25%" works, or one "50%" work and two "25%" works. Additionally, each piece has a number of specifically associated bonus tracks (0-4). For works with associated bonus tracks, you can repeat faster movements at different (slower) practice tempi.

Eccles Sonata in g minor (Length = "100%", Bonus Tracks = up to "4")
1st mvt. mm = 60
2nd Mvt. mm = 48 (bonus)
2nd Mvt. mm = 60 (bonus)
2nd Mvt. mm = 88
3rd Mvt. mm = 50
4th Mvt. mm = 42 (bonus)
4th Mvt. mm = 54 (bonus)
4th Mvt. mm = 63

Q: How much does a CD cost?

A: CDs cost $15.00 each. Nota bene: We are not able pro-rate partially filled CDs.

Q: Why does a recording in MIDI format cost an extra $5.00? And why can't I get bonus tracks with a MIDI recording?

A: MIDI recordings offer you the ultimate in flexibility. Once you have a MIDI file, you can playback your recording at any tempo and in any key using any popular MIDI sequencing software. Bonus tracks are designed to allow you to practice your solo at different tempi; MIDI files allow you to set any tempo you want, eliminating the need for bonus "tracks".

Q: What does "Orchestra/Solo Tuning?" mean in the recording catalog?

A: This category pertains only to double bass works. Works marked "O" in this category are typically performed ONLY in orchestral tuning (strings are tuned down a whole step). Works labelled "O/S?" can be performed in either orchestral and solo tuning. However, customers can order any work in any key (specify while adding a recording to the cart).

Q: Can I specify individual tempi within each movement/piece?

A: Yes. Each place in a work where a tempo change is marked is an opportunity to specify the tempo.

Example: Koussevitzky Concerto, Mvt. 1

Customers can specify this information in the form fields which appear when ordering a transcription. Any further requests can be made in the "Special Requests" box which appears below.

Q: How long does it take to make a CD?

A: Most CDs are mailed within 3 business days. MIDI files are sent out via the internet the business day after the request is received.

If your request is very complicated (eg. numerous tempo changes/special tunings/multiple versions of a single movement of a given work/ etc.) up to 5 business days may be required to send a CD.

Q: How do I know my personal information is safe?

A: All online financial transactions are handled by PayPal(tm), a worldwide leader in the industry. Your financial data is not stored anywhere on our site.

Q: Do I need an account with PayPal to purchase items from your site?

A: No, you can purchase items from our site through PayPal without an account. If you wish to save time entering information each time you shop with us, you may consider opening an account.

Q: Can I request a work not listed in the catalog?

A: Yes. Contact Douglas Mapp and request a work. Prices for unlisted works (ie. those not yet in the catalog) are very reasonable.