Placing an order in your cart | Checking out

Ordering Recordings

Open the recording catalog and find the item you wish to purchase. Click the "buy" button to begin customizing your recording.

1. Customize the key of your work (multi-movement works will be transposed accordingly)
2. Enter any special requests you may have. This may include specific tempi for subsections of pieces, custom sound requests (harpsichord for baroque titles), and anything else you'd like for us to know about your order. If you have any special requests, click the "clear" link to clear our default message.
3. If the work you selected includes bonus tracks, you may provide the information for them here. Bonus tracks are typically fast movements recorded at slower practice tempi (ex. first movement @ quarter note=72, first movement @ quarter note=96, etc...) You are not required to take all (or any) bonus tracks.
4. Click "add to cart" to continue.

1. Decide whether you would like an audio CD or MIDI files. Depending on your delivery method, MIDI files can either be burned to CD and shipped via post, or emailed directly to you.
2. If you've made an error when adding an item, press "remove track" to remove that item from your cart.
3. If you wish to remove an entire CD, press the "remove disc" button.
4. To continue shopping, press the "add more recordings/scores" button(s).
5. When you're ready to checkout, press the "checkout" button

Follow the same format for ordering scores. When you're ready to checkout, continue on to the last part of our tutorial.