What's New

New tranposed piano reductions (sheet music):

Bottesini Concerto No. 1 in f# minor (orchestra tuning, piano part in e minor) $18.00
Bottesini Fantasia I Puritani (Solo tuning, A Major) $12.00
Bottesini Rossini Fantasia (solo tuning) $15.00
Bottesini Concerto No. 2 in a minor $18.00
Hoffmeister Concertino No. in C Major $15.00
Couperin Piéces in Concert $10.00
Orin OBrien The Double Bass Notebook $20.00
John Hood Seventh Solutions $20.00
Bottesini Melodié No. 4 Auld Robin Grey (Orchestra tuning part in G Major) $8.00
Bottesini Bolero $12.00

New piano accompaniment titles (recordings) for double bass:

Bottesini Fantasia I Puritani  
Montag Sonata in e minor  
Bottesini Melody No. 4 "Auld Robin Grey"  
Bottesini Allegro di Concerto "Alla Mendelssohn"  

New piano accompaniment titles (recordings) for other instruments:

Telemann Concerto in F minor for Two Oboes and Piano  
Handel The Arrival of the Queen of Sheba for 2 Oboes and Piano  
Hoffmeister Concerto in D Major for Viola and Piano  
Joun Sonata for Viola and Piano in D Major Op. 15  
Seitz Violin Concerto for Violin and Piano  
Telemann Concerto in G Major for Viola and Piano  
Zelter Concerto in Eb Major for Viola and Piano  
Mendelssohn Song Without Words, Op. 109