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We offer custom recordings and transcriptions of standard solo repertoire to classical musicians in a variety of highly useful formats.

Recordings are available in CD and MIDI format and incorporate a plethora of customizable options, from different tempi to different tunings/transpositions. Learn more...

Piano transcriptions are available in PDF or printed form in different tunings/transpositions (especially helpful for bassists/instruments which employ two sets of tunings). Learn more... These are piano parts only. They do not come with bass parts.

We have added three new books that you will want to add to your collections: 

The Double Bass Notebook by Orin O'Brien. More than a method book, it deals with a wide range of topics from suggested reading and listening to auditions requirements and procedures, as well as an in depth look at Fred Zimmermann's Contemporary Concerts of Bowing. Ms. O'Brien is a member of the New York Philharmonic and a member of the faculties of Juilliard, The Manhattan School of Music and Mannes College. Her students can be found in many major orchestras worldwide.

Seventh Solutions by John Hood. A follow up to the widely popular Three Octave Tune-up, Mr. Hood explores 7th arpeggios throughout the full range of the double bass. This is an advanced book that will yield positive results after even a short time of playing through the exercises. Mr. Hood is a member of the Philadelphia Orchestra and a member of the faculty of Temple University. His students can be found in major orchestra worldwide.

Mr. Karr Would You Teach Me How to Drive a Double Bass by Michael Klinghoffer is a book meant for anyone interested in the art of double bass playing.  It is based on the technique and teaching of world-renowned double bass virtuoso, Maestro Gary Karr.

All books can be found in our method book catalog.

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Michael Klinghofer's Mr. Karr, Would You Teach Me How to Drive a Double Bass?